Hauts de la




A journey in Terre-de-Bas enables you to be like elsewhere, on a island far from mass tourism, where the word authentic makes all its sense. Terre-de-Haut, facing the island, can be reached by a 10 minut boat ride several times a day, and you will find there shops, snorkeling clubs, restaurants... and a bit of noise as well as activity. The difference is striking when returning home. If you like to walk, taking your time, everything is all but nature around you, the environment as much as the inhabitants. Peaceful place close to a sand beach with coconut trees, facing the "Baie des Saintes", where hiking trails take their origin. "Les Hauts de la Baie" is just a bit of luxury in this contemplation spot, thanks to the pleasure of waking up with sunrise on the sea, lulled by the waves' sounds. Veronique can cook traditional meals for you and deliver on demand, so that you are comfortable enough during your stay. When arriving by plane, please note that the last boat is at 5:00PM. Do not forget to take your diving mask and hiking shoes.

See what a day facing "la Baie des Saintes" looks like.

You will get contemplative for sure...

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