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Your plane lands in Pointe-à-Pitre airport.

At the airport, a shuttle can lift you straight to the Trois-Rivières port to take the boat.

Duration : 1 hour

Take the maritime shuttle linking Guadeloupe island to the Saintes islands. Your destination : Terre-de-Bas

Duration : 30/45 minutes

Once arrived in Terre-de-Bas, call Widdy or Daniel, they will make it a pleasure to drive you to your creole house of  "les Hauts de la Baie".

Duration : 5 minutes

Now your holiday really begin. Véronique will warmly welcome you and offer to prepare a typical creole meal to get some strengths after your trip.


A welcome drink of "ti punch" will be the perfect cocktail to appreciate your first evening of contemplation, facing the sunset on the bay.

More info on the airline companies and the connecting flights with Pointe-à-Pitre airport.

Click here

Transport company KARIB Tours can handle your airport transfer from there to the harbor station. Info & princing here.


Maritime transport companies of Val Ferry and Beatrix link Guadeloupe and the Saintes islands. Info & pricing here.

Val Ferry      Beatrix

Widdy & Daniel are "Saintois" and own a minivan shuttle. Contact them easily by phone :

Widdy : +590 690 321 891

Daniel : +590 690 728 223

No matter if you stay at Azur, Indigo, Turquoise, or la Maison Bleue, we will recommand you some activities for your journey. Between hiking all across the Terre-de-Bas island, tanning on the beach or the terrace, in your swimming pool or on a secret sand beach...


Véronique : +590 690 534 664

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